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Vegan Italian SausageBy Annie CurnsOur vegan Italian sausage recipe stands apart. Healthy, low carb, low salt, 100% vegan and oh so delicious.
Vegan Corn ChowderBy BobguyVegan corn chowder 3 bean soup is perfect for cold winter days. Great for lunch, not to mention a perfect companion for any meal.
Vegan Tacos recipe in Lettuce WrapsBy Blogger JoeOur vegan tacos recipe is both delicious and healthy. 100% Vegan ingredients. Served in lettuce wraps cuts carbs to almost zero. Spicy habanero sauce!
Healthy Homemade BeefaroniBy BobguyCraving Beefaroni? Make homemade beefaroni with fresh ingredients and a lot less salt. This one pot recipe is sure to please your family and beats the canned stuff any day of the week.
Ad Free Recipes
Recipes sites have become one huge advertising platform. The owners of these sites are more interested in making money than making great delicious recipes. Webtop Cook prides itself on taking the opposite approach.
3 ways Food Blogs make Money

• The most lucrative is Sponsorship. Large food manufacturers will contact popular Food blogs to display their ad. The more traffic the Food site can deliver to the manufacturer, the more the manufacturer will pay to have their ad placed.
• The next money making method is Impressions where a Food site simply gets paid for the number of visitors that "see" the ad. Usually a tiny amount like 0.0001 cents per visitor. However, when you multiply this by 1 million visits the income becomes significant.
• Finally, we have Affiliated Marketing where Food blogs display a link to a shopping site. When users click on this link and buy something, the Blog owner gets a small referral fee.

#1 Rule: Traffic equals Money

As you can see, traffic (number of visits) is the key to generating income on Food and recipe sites. The most successful sites devote large amounts of time and energy in boosting their web traffic. These site owners employ every trick in the book to get you to visit their website. But, we do not blame them. Money is money. A job is a job. This is how they put food on the table every night and that is a good thing.

Story behind Ad Free Recipes

Believe it or not, there is actually a story behind WebTop Cook website. In our travels, we would show off our recipes and the number one comment was, "We just want the recipe. We don't want to hear about your dog or a tough day at work. All we want is the damn recipe!" And that is how this recipe site was born.