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easy taco soup recipe topped with green onions.

Easy Taco Soup

Easy taco soup is a great treat anytime of the year. Easy to make with…
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Ad Free Recipes

Lets face it. Recipe sites have become one huge advertising platform. The owners of these sites are more interested in making money than making great delicious recipes. Webtop Cook prides itself on taking a more friendly approach.

3 ways Food Blogs make money

The most lucrative is Sponsorship. Large food manufacturers will pay popular Food blogs to display their ad. The more traffic the Food site can deliver to the manufacturer, the more the manufacturer will pay to have their ad placed.
The next money making method is Impressions where a Food site simply gets paid for the number of visitors that “see” the ad. Usually a tiny amount like 0.0001 cents per visitor. However, when you multiply this by 1 million visits the income becomes significant. Google Ads are a great example.
Finally, there is Affiliated Marketing where Food blogs display a link to a shopping site. When users click on this link and buy something, the Blog owner gets a small referral fee.

#1 Rule in Advertising: Traffic = Money

As you can see, traffic (number of visits) is the key to generating income on Food and recipe sites. The most successful sites devote large amounts of energy and time in boosting their web traffic. And trust us, these site owners employ every trick in the book to get you to visit their website. In fact, there is a whole science called User Experience (UX for short) dedicated to attracting your “visit”. But, we cannot fault them. Money is money and this is their job. This is how they put food on the table every night and that is a good thing. All we can do is to offer our readers an uncluttered, non-traffic driven alternative.

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Fluff versus Content

You may have noticed that many recipes on other sites contain a lot of extra words. The author talks about who, what, where, when and why. That is to say, the recipe post contains a lot of fluff. Ever wonder why? I will tell you why. Search engines like Google tend to ignore content / articles that are less than 500 words. Thus, recipe writers fill their recipes with unnecessary verbiage. Conversely, our Ad Free recipes are straight-forward. We may put a few notes in our recipes but we try our best to keep those comments to a minimum.

Recipes at the Bottom

Another favorite ploy of these foodie sites is to place the recipe towards the bottom of the article. This is not an accident. Again, this has to do with Google. Google favors pages that have longer “on-page” times. Thus, by requiring the user to scroll to bottom of the article, the user will be on the page for a longer period of time. Google and other search engines track and use those numbers to rate websites. Ad Free recipes put the recipe first..right at the top of the page.

Your Email Address is Valuable

Your email address is “gold” to these websites. Large mailing lists attract advertisers like flies to honey. These sites compete with each other for lucrative sponsorship contracts and sponsors look closely at readership numbers. Mailing list size is an important factor for the sponsor companies.

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Why we created Ad Free Recipes

Believe it or not, there is actually a story behind WebTop Cook website. In our travels, we would show off our recipe posts. By and far, the number one comment was, “We just want the recipe. We don’t want to hear about your dog or a tough day at work or whatever else you want to say. Just give us the damn recipe!” And that is how this recipe site was born. Find out more about Ad Free Recipes!