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Peanut chicken stir fryBy Saanvi PashdaWe use a fusion of Asian and Indian cuisine to create a low sodium peanut chicken stir fry that is both healthy and delicious.
Spinach tuna sandwich wrapsBy BobguyThis light and healthy Spinach and Tuna sandwich wrap is a perfect lunch. Packed with healthy ingredients while never sacrificing the taste. Make a few today!
Egg sandwich on rye toastBy Annie CurnsThis egg sandwich on rye toast is the perfect way to start your morning off with a hot breakfast. Simple to make. Less than 10 minutes.
Canadian bacon and feta snacksBy Blogger JoeCanadian bacon and feta snacks are a perfect choice for holiday gatherings and office parties. Fast and easy to make yet still have that unique homemade appeal. Make a tray today!
Spicy Chorizo burgersBy BobguySpicy chorizo burgers are a must for burger lovers. These burgers deliver a great taste with chorizo blended right in the burger. No matter what you top it with, you will enjoy the rich spicy flavor.
Cranberry sauce with Apples and WalnutsBy Annie CurnsDon't settle for cranberry sauce from a can. Try our cranberry sauce with apples and walnuts. We use 75% less sugar and still deliver a sweet taste. Doubles as a dessert!