Can vegan eat eggs?

Can vegan eat eggs? Sadly, the answer is No. Fortunately, vegans being vegans, we have an alternative, an egg substitute. In fact, we have a myriad of solutions. Vegan eggs…does that sound weird? Maybe you haven’t heard about them before. People worldwide are switching to plant-based diets and looking for dairy-free and egg-free alternatives for various reasons; the major one is the health concern. Not surprisingly, plant-based vegan eggs have gained public attention during the last few years as they are made out of 100% plant protein.

What are Vegan Eggs?

Vegan eggs are plant-based eggs that are cholesterol-free, egg-free, dairy-free, and even healthier than conventional eggs. It makes a perfect breakfast and works as an ideal filling for sandwiches. You might be wondering, are these eggs for vegetarians? The answer is No. Even if you’re a non-vegetarian, you can use them in cooking to enjoy its benefits. Yes, it’s for both vegetarians and meat-eaters. The cholesterol-free vegan eggs make perfect French toast, delicious burritos, scrambled eggs or ideal omelet, and many more. It’s so tasty, after trying vegan eggs once, you may never switch back to factory-farmed eggs again. Can vegan eat eggs? In this case, you don’t have to choose. Simply use a vegan egg product.

Where can I get Vegan Eggs?

This is where things get a bit confusing. First of all, there are many commercial egg-substitute products available. Even further, you can easily create your own egg replacement recipe using a diverse list of ingredients, including tofu, chickpea flour, and mung beans. Basically, you can get Vegan Eggs anywhere, even make your own. The point is that you need to try a few of these options and decide which vegan egg substitute works for you.

can vegan eat eggs - a collage photo of vegan egg substitutes
Can Vegan eat eggs? Check out our choices!

Do Vegan Eggs taste good?

Great question. Unfortunately, I cannot give you one consistent answer. As I said earlier, there are many egg replacement products available on the market, not to mention several homemade recipes. Having tried many of these options, I can tell you each products tastes differently. Not only that, each product delivers a different degree of egg-like consistency. So, in the end, personal preference will determine your degree of acceptance. Nothing will completely replace the flavor and texture of eggs, but vegan eggs come close. Can vegan eat eggs? No, but they can use egg substitutes.

What if none of the products taste good?

In my opinion, none of the egg substitute products taste good. That is right, I said NONE. Of course, I am a picky eater and after eating eggs for 50 some odd years, I happen to love the taste of eggs. So, for me, egg substitutes do not taste good. That is to say, these products do not compare to the taste of real eggs. I do not want to get your hopes up. However, as an aspiring vegan, I use vegan egg substitutes.

Plant-based Revelation

People around the world are discovering the benefits of a plant-based diet. We have substitutes for meat, cheese, dairy, and even eggs. Most people agree the taste of vegan substitutes is rather lacking. However, Plant-based people often choose health benefits over flavor. Vegan eggs are the same way. You will never achieve the taste of fresh eggs.

plate of vegan eggs

Egg Substitute Products

Try one of the Egg Substitute with our Stir Fry Omelette recipe

Vegan Egg Questions

  • Are eggs vegan food?

    No. Vegans do not eat by-products of any animal. Chickens lay eggs, so eggs are not vegan approved. 

  • Are Vegan eggs real?

    This is not a simple question to answer. On the one hand, people could argue that only eggs from animals are real eggs. On the other hand, products that look like eggs are no less real. That is to say, the vegan eggs in our refrigerator are no less real than a regular carton of eggs. In the end, most people are comfortable with labeling Vegan eggs as fake.

  • What is vegan eggs made of?

    Vegan eggs are made with several different ingredients. Generally, some type of bean flour is used, such as chickpea flour or mung flour. In addition, many egg substitute recipes use tofu as an ingredient. Premade products like JustEgg also add a few natural coloring agents.

  • Can vegan eat eggs?

    No. Try some of the vegan egg substitutes outlined in this article.

  • Why aren’t eggs vegan?

    Eggs are considered animal by-products. By definition, vegans do not eat ingredients that are an animal by-product. For a more complete discussion, read the Vegan Review article, "Are Eggs Vegan?"

  • Are eggs vegan or vegetarian?

    We have established that eggs are not vegan. However, many vegetarians proscribe to using eggs in their recipes. Often, they refer to themselves as “Vegetarian plus Eggs”. Read the Healthline article on a new Vegan diet that includes eggs.

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  1. I use regular eggs. I am a Vegetarian + eggs person. However, maybe I will try a few of these products. Any recommendations which to try first?

    1. I would try JUST first. Seems like it is the easiest to use and the taste & texture is reasonable.

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