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Broccoli Chickpea Stirfry

Our stirfry kitchenWe love stir fry. We love prepping it, cooking it, and especially eating it. But wait…a chickpea stirfry? This Broccoli Chickpea stirfry recipe …
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Beyond Meat vs Real Meat

Beyond Meat vs Real Meat. The debate is here. Plant-based alternatives like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat seem like they could be nutritious alternatives …
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vegan taco bell options Is Taco Bell vegan

Is Taco Bell Vegan?

Is Taco Bell vegan?So you want to eat vegan at Taco Bell. Great news. Vegan taco bell options are here and available. Taco Bell may …
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Can vegan eat eggs?

Can vegan eat eggs? Sadly, the answer is No. Fortunately, vegans being vegans, we have an alternative, an egg substitute. In fact, we have a …
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Easy Recipe Jerk Chicken

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Jaclyn at Cooking Classy
Easy Recipe Jerk Chicken

Easy Recipe Egg Rolls

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Deborah at Taste and Tell
Easy Recipe Egg Rolls

Easy Recipe for Scones

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Sally’s Baking Addiction
Easy recipe for Scones

Easy Recipe Egg Salad

easy recipe egg salad thumbnail photo
Kristine’s Kitchen
Easy recipe Egg Salad

Easy recipe questions

Healthy recipes when on a diet?

This is not an easy question to answer. We tend to have different goals and restrictions when dieting. However, it is difficult to go wrong if you focus your food choices on fresh unprocessed ingredients. Great article from Yahoo outlining healthy and diet conscious recipes.

I need easy can salmon recipes

Let’s face it. We all would love to eat fresh-caught salmon. However, we are often faced with canned salmon. But this shouldn’t hinder you. Here a 10 can salmon recipes